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Bolzaninis ist ein projekt von

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I'm Sabrina



I was born in Switzerland (Olten) and for eight years moved in Bozen, where I found and still find a totally different way of thinking and living. Here the mentality is much closer and less creative. I feel a German influence, while in Switzerland this aspect was not present as people are much more social and open-minded. The positive thing here is that there are good services and administrative money managed better than other regions.
In the past, the city center was monopolized and there wasn’t any Kaufzentrum apart from one in Innsbruck.
There is a general problem with the language: the dialect is too strong, and for this reason the language that is spoken the most is English. Previously I worked as a model in Switzerland, and now I’m working as beautician in a SPA inside a hotel. I can speak German but I normally don’t speak it with clients as they usually don’t speak real German language. 

How are you willing to speak the language of the country in which you go?

Quanto sei disposto a parlare la lingua del paese in cui vai? | Wie viel bist du bereit, um die Sprache des Staats zu sprechen, wo du fährst?