Bolzaninis è un progetto di
Bolzaninis ist ein projekt von

Calzolari Maria
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I’m 63 years old and it’s been 35 years since I moved here. I have a family and I come from Morocco. I don’t want to critique this place because in Morocco is even worse than here. I didn’t do anything there. What I find the worst is delinquency, not only in Bozen but everywhere, and high standards of life. Rents here cost a lot for a person who also has a wife and a daughter. Personally, I think that the city is not so good.

What is the worst lack of Bozen?

Quale ritieni sia il peggior difetto di Bolzano? | Was ist der schlimmste Fehler dieser Stadt?

mancanza di offerte e punti di ritrovo per giovani in fascia di età dai 18/20 ai 30

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