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Bolzaninis ist ein projekt von

Calzolari Maria
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I'm Marta



 From Parma, I have lived here since I was 12. Now I’m 25 and I wouldn’t change my living place at all. I love the mountains, so much that I feel to belong to them. I wouldn’t be able to live away from this place. I had lived in many places, between them Berlin and Wien, but no one is as perfect as Bozen. I consider myself “pretty South Tyrolean”. I work as a dog sitter and occasionally play my guitar near the Talvera river.



Suggested place: the Talvera park, a wonderful place if you need to stay in the nature.

Have you ever changed your living place because of another person?

Hai mai cambiato posto a causa di un’altra persona? | Bist du schon einmal in eine neue Stadt umgezogen, wegen einer Person?