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Bolzaninis ist ein projekt von

Calzolari Maria
Cera Beatrice

I'm Leidi



I was born in Cuba, but now I’ve been living here for 5 years. I’m living in Appiano and I come to Bozen only to work, so I don’t know the city very well, because I frequent only my patients’ houses. I’m an in-home nurse. Here I have my family and now a friend of mine came to visit me from Cuba. She faced an 11 hours’ flight to come to me. Other times I flight to them, but always only for a visit. I’m fine here and I really hope that this is going to be my place in the next years. I’ve been welcomed warmly from the local people of here and I gladly hang out with them.

Describe the house in which you feel more welcomed in Bozen.

Descrivi la casa nella quale ti senti più accolto a Bolzano. | Beschreibst du das Haus, wo du dich am besten wohl findest.