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Bolzaninis ist ein projekt von

Calzolari Maria
Cera Beatrice

I'm Cora

I come from Hamburg, Germany, and I live here since October. I moved here because of my wife: she is studying at the University of Bozen-Bolzano at the Economics and Management master. I think it is difficult to find a job in some fields, and you don’t live well in a place until you find a job. I’m working at the Natural Science museum in the field of environmental education. The visitors are mainly from Bozen or nearby, namely German speaking people.


Suggested place: obviously, the Natural Science Museum.

What is your favorite museum in Bozen?

Qual è il tuo museo preferito a Bolzano? | Was ist dein Lieblingsmuseum in Bozen?

Museion by Aras

Ötzi :) by Mac