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Calzolari Maria
Cera Beatrice

I'm Collins

I come from Ghana, I arrived here when I was 15. It’s 9 hours of flight. I’m now 20 years old and I haven’t got used to this place yet. Here I have my family and some friends I made at the working place, in a supermarket at the Twenty mall. They are both from here and from Ghana. I miss my land very much. Italian is a difficult language, if you begin to learn it too late. My sister Mary is a way better than me, she’s 10 years old and she’s very good at school. I can’t really say to feel bad towards the city of Bozen. It is nice, after all. At the beginning though I felt excluded from it. Even now, I’m not completely feeling comfortable with it. I want to go back in Ghana a day. 



Suggested place: Twenty mall, if you like big shopping centers this is for you. There’s a cinema and a lot of ethnic restaurants.

Where do you go when you hang out with your friends?

Che posti frequenti coi tuoi amici a Bolzano? | Welche Orte besuchst du, wann du mit deinen Freunden ausgehst?


I usually go to Bar Romagnolo and drink Mocktail (non-alcoholic cocktail) :)